Here is another opportunity for you to support the efforts of Love Santa, Inc this year.  We need almost 100 volunteers for distribution day, on Saturday December 12th.  This year we are changing what Love Santa, Inc distribution looks like to meet or exceed current safety measures and promote health for everyone involved in this process.  This year we are not able to assemble several hundred people in one location, for several hours to serve the local communities of Woodburn, Hubbard, Donald, and Aurora.

This year we will serve families from four separate locations on December 12th.  We have chosen locations for a variety of reasons, but all locations require we complete distribution outdoors.  We will try to provide some cover from the elements, but volunteers are encouraged to dress for the weather.  Volunteers need to sign up and complete a volunteer waiver/questionnaire to participate this year.  We will also take a temperature check when you arrive to volunteer.

We will require all volunteers to wear face coverings during the event.  If the volunteer needs to touch an item handed to or received from the family we are serving, the volunteer will also wear gloves.  Volunteers will work in groups of two or four people.  These groups will be made up of people that are common to each other.  Examples of this would be four people from an office, a sports team, or immediate family members who live together.  Each common group will strive to remain at least 6 feet away from the other common groups during the event.  We will have gloves, hand sanitizer, and cleaning wipes on hand for volunteers to use.

The food items will mainly be in two food boxes.  Each food box weighs about 40 pounds.  The gallon of milk and 10-pound bag of potatoes will be separate from the food boxes.  Families will be instructed to remain inside of their vehicle during the distribution process.  Our volunteers will place the food items into the family vehicle.

All of these steps are designed to minimize contact and encourage safe contact between everyone involved in the process.

If you are willing to volunteer from about 0730 am to 2 pm on Saturday December 12th, please contact Love Santa, Inc by email, lovesantainc@gmail.comWe need you!

 Download the Volunteer Waiver here.